1. To aid the distressed, nurse the sick, feed the hungry and to clothe the naked.
2. To offer relief during natural disasters like, flood, famine etc.
3. To foster dissemination of the fruits of knowledge and education and come to the succor of the infirm, invalid, afflicted mankind by installing and maintaining free academic and medical institutions and other associations of charity in various parts of home and abroad.
4. To redress and ameliorate the socio-economic condition of the masses with encouragement of home industry, irrespective of caste and creed.
5. To promote moral and spiritual growth of the nation.
6. To keep up and uphold the spiritual, cultural heritage of India of the distant past.
7. To improve and enhance a feeling of sympathy, compassion, tolerance and union amongst the votaries of all faiths and good will for evolving peaceful co-existence – “Live, and let live”.
8. Particularly, special upliftment of the backward classes, the down-trodden and outcastes and the tribals through educational amenities extended to them.